Leverage the power of storytelling to show your true value. This online course takes you through the entire case study development process so you can add a robust case study campaign to your content marketing program.

The Epic Customer Case Study Course

How to select the best candidates, target your key messages, prep for the interview and clarify your final deliverable specs. 

Your Game Plan

Module 1

How to plan, write, and promote customer 
success stories that boost sales

How to stay focused and on message.  Logistics tips. Plus, the exact questions we use to highlight value and show customers at their best.

The Interview

Module 2

The simple 5-section structure that virtually ensures a compelling customer story.

Powerful Structure

Module 3
How to weave the raw interview and research data into a compelling hero's journey that will resonate with your prospects and delight your sales team.

Writing the Draft

Module 4
Learn 16 ways to distribute, repackage and reuse your case study content for extra sales boosting leverage.

Promote your Story

Module 5
Bonus materials include an editable customer questionnaire template, real world sample case studies to review, and a convenient study guide.

Templates & Samples

Bonus Material

What’s Included
5 Modules + Bonus Materials

About the Presenter

Strategic Director, VelocityMarketing.com

Katherine Chalmers

With nearly 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Katherine brings deep expertise in strategic marketing, tech markets, and a pragmatic, scrappy approach to helping software startups successfully compete with much larger competitors. Creating epic case studies and wringing value from them six ways to Sunday is one of her favorite marketing tactics.
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Here's an overview of what we'll cover in this 45-minute program

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