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Step-by-step help for clearing the clutter and spiffing up your data

Salesforce is an incredible tool, but like all tools it needs occasional maintenance for optimal performance.  

Here's how to tell if you're overdue for a cleanup:

  • You don't trust the numbers in your dashboards and reports.
  • Too many lead and contact fields are blank or filled with junk data.
  • You changed your sales methodology but not your opportunity stages.
  • Your campaigns have too many bounces and low conversions.
  • You still have leads and contacts assigned to inactive users.
  • You have too many open opportunities with no activity.
  • It's too hard to predict when or if deals are going to close.
  • It's too hard to calculate the ROI of your marketing spend.
  • You don't know which campaigns generated leads/deals that closed.

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Here's how we can help you get quick wins

Users, Roles & Profiles


Leads and Contacts

It all starts with cleaning up your user accounts. We'll help you purge old users, reassign records and update your roles and profiles to fit your business.

Let's streamline your  field structure and page layouts so your team can track the right data and enter it quickly and easily every time.

First, we'll help you reassign and close stale opportunities to rightsize your pipeline.  Then you can optimize fields and layouts for easier deal management.


Reports and Dashboards

Data Cleaning

We'll help you archive old campaigns and structure current ones for easier reporting. Plus, let's look for integration options to automate campaign data updates.

We'll help you identify and delete the reports nobody uses, then create custom dashboards and reports with the metrics your executive, marketing and sales teams actually need.

Use our unique data cleanup process for Excel to find and fix duplicates and recode incorrect data without spending thousands for a data scrubbing service.

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